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Node.js bootstrap Apache
PHP jquery Nginx
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Medical Assessment web app

Assigned procedures to over a thousand patients based on their symptoms. Linked between doctors, the red cross and rhuh hospital. Implemented medical procedures.

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Beirut Explosion panel [Prototype]

Map of the volunteering situation in Beirut after the explosion. Each user has his own map and dashboard. Moreover there's a map and dashboard regrouping the input of the whole userbase.


Backend Development

I am highly familiar with the MVC pattern. I have written in the past web backends in django, nodejs, php, implemented user authentication, and mail notifications. I take security in mind and make sure to integrate CSRF tokens as well as salting of user's input.

Server Administration

I have experience with setting up ubuntu linux disk image on AWS, Linode and Google Cloude as well as using cpanel accounts. I've used in the past nginx and apache web servers as reverse proxies with cloudfare for DDOS protecion and SSL certificates.

Frontend Development

I can integrate third parties UI kits and components as well as dynamically fill the frontend with content from a backend or from a headless cms, using the fetch api or ajax. Moreover, I have experience with server side templating using jinja2, EJS or ERB.